June 24, 2009

True Blood

Alright, so I know it's been a while since I've posted, almost a month. I've actually read a few books, but I'm going to talk about the True Blood series. Mike and I were shopping at a mall one day, and I went into Hot Topic to look at some Twilight stuff. (Yeah, you know, I'm a Twilight freak.) Anyway, one of the workers came up to ask me about Twilight and she asked if I had heard of True Blood. It's another vampire series, but more adult like. Actually, very adult like. But I'm a vampire lover for life now, so I had to try the books.

I've read the first three books: Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, and Club Dead. The main character is Sookie Stackhouse. she has a special gift where she can hear and see what people around her are thinking. Vampires are known in the living world and are part of the regular population. The Japanese have created a synthetic drink called True blood for vampires so that they are not feeding off of humans. Sookie meets vampire Bill and instantly falls in love. The books are about some of their trials and adventures together. A very easy read. There is also an HBO show that is based off the books. I've seen the complete first season and let me tell you, it's definitely an HBO show if you know what I mean. Kind of a weird show, but it just attracts you and makes you want to watch more.