January 31, 2009

Why I Love My Husband...

This is the first picture Mike and I ever took together. I love it cause you can see his one cute dimple.

1. Where we met -We met at Scott County Park one October day. I was walking Starr and he was running/walking around the walking track and decided to strike up conversation. The rest is history from there.
2. Our first date -We hung out for about a week at each other's apartments before our first official date. We walked around the mall for a bit and then went to eat at Texas Roadhouse. We went to a movie too, but neither of us remembers what we saw. I remember what I wore though!!
3. How long did we date before we were married? -1 year and 9 months
4. How long have been hitched? - 6 months
5. Favorite feature -His eyes (love them) and that one tiny cute dimple mentioned from above.
6. Favorite quality -How laid back he is, and his ability to let things roll of his back. I think I've gotten a little more laid back as time passes, but I have a hard time letting things go sometimes.
7. His nickname for me -nothing specific, just babe, baby, honey...

8. His favorite color - I'm gonna say UK Blue.
9. His favorite sport - Football and probably UK basketball. He can watch other teams, but he enjoys his Cowboys and Wildcats. If you consider karate a sport, then he loves that too.
10. Who said I love you first -He did. We'd been together a little over 3 months. I was sick and had just taken Ny-Quil before we went to bed. I was pretty close to falling asleep and all Ny-Quiled up, when he lifted the pillow off my head that I sleep with every night and whispered I love you in my ear. It was like a dream, I wasn't sure it had really happened. So of course I said it back, we snuggled for a minute, and then I fell asleep cause the Ny-Quil had finally kicked in.
11. Our first kiss, when and where - It was one of the nights we were hanging out at my apartment the first week we met...before our first official date. It was so nice...
12. Favorite couple thing to do - We used to cuddle on the couch every Sunday during football season and watch football, but our couch isn't big enough anymore for both of us to lay down together. I think one of my favorite couple things to do since it doesn't happen very often is when we actually go to bed at the same time, we sit up and talk for a while just about anything and everything.
13. His hidden talent - Most people don't know he's great at martial arts. He took a special type called Shaolin for 6 years. He wants to get back into it...so I'm just waiting.
14. His favorite music -He can honestly listen to just about anything, just like me. But he loves groups like Disturbed, Slipnot, Metallica, Shinedown...the list could really go one, but those are some of his favorites.
15. What I admire most about him -He loves life and doesn't let anything get in the way, even if I'm in a bad mood, he knows exactly what to do to pick me up (feed me or let me nap) and we're back on track. And even though I think his car stuff he does is a waste of money, at least he's passionate about something. Very passionate in fact...just ask our friends...
16. His favorite pastime -playing video games. I can hear him late at night yelling at the tv. Oh and racing his car during the summer months. He'd do it every night if they let him. For some reason his car is just not fast enough...
17. Will he read this - well he doesn't have a blog, but I'll let him read it once he gets home.

January 28, 2009

Bath Bombs

Now, I know this isn't about a book, but I'm trying to plug in my cousin's business. She has started making what she calls bath bombs. What is a bath bomb you may ask...well here's your answer straight from her website...

What is a bath bomb?

Bath bombs are traditionally round or ball shaped. Bath bombs are a popular spa product that after dropped into a tub of water fizz and dissolve away all while giving off a delicate aroma to relax you and relieve stress and muscle tension. They also moisturize your skin and leave you with a silky smooth feeling. Bath bombs have a huge variety of health benefits as well by using herbal remedies.

She can basically make anything you want. On her website there are regular bath bombs that smell like different flavors such as spring flowers, coconut, and even sugar cookies...yum! There are also Herbal bath bombs. To help cure a cold or the flu, aches and insomnia, even a cough or sore throat. I think one of my favorites are the bath bombs in the shape of cupcakes. They look so real. I'd be careful giving them to a child or explain to them that is it not real. My parents made that mistake one time when they gave me some soap that looked like a hostess cake. Took a big bite of that in the bath tub and learned the hard way that it was not chocolate. There are also bath bombs shaped like rocks, ducks, and frogs for the little ones. Right now there are special valentine bath bombs, and they are super cute.

I'm thinking they'd be great as gifts at bridal or baby showers for games, or just small favors for the people there. In March I'll be helping throw a lingeri e shower and I'll be hosting a bachelorette party for a very close friend. I'm definitely going to be buying some bath bombs as prizes and party favors. Now if there's something you want and don't see it on her website, use the contact page and ask if there's any way to get a mold of the shape you want. For example, throwing a bridal shower, maybe there's a mold of a bride and groom, maybe there's a mold of the male anatomy part. Seriously, if it's out there, Trisha can find it and make it.

Visit the website at http://www.beyondthebomb.com/

January 24, 2009

Someone Like You...

Well I went book shopping with Nicole one day, specifically going to get Marley and Me and Confessions of a Shopaholic, and we stumbled upon Sarah Dessen. I had never heard of her and neither had Nicole. There were about 6 books to choose from. I like trying new books and authors so I grabbed this one, just to see what it would be about. And first of all I should have looked at the back a little bit closer. She's a very popular author, but for young adults. And I guess I'm sort of a young adult, but then again I'm not. But then again, Twilight was written for Young Adults, and I absolutely love those. Anyway, it's a good book, a very easy read. I guess I have mixed feelings. I guess just because I just got finished reading Marley and Confessions, this one felt dumbed down to me. It's about Halley (like the comet) and her best friend Scarlett and their junior year of high school. Halley gets a call whie she's away at summer camp, that the guy, Michael, Scarlett saw all summer has just died in a motercycle crash. Then Scarlett finds out she's pregnant with Michael's child. It's about the meanness of high school girls, which still makes my skin boil. What they say about Scarlett when they find out she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Halley starts dating Michael's best friend Macon. He's quite a bit different than she is. He's a rebel, misses class, drinks, smokes pot, everything Halley doesn't do. He pressures her into sex, which she goes back and forth on, since she knows what the consequence could be...i.e. Scarlett + Michael = pregnant. All in all, it's a decent book. I mean it only took me like 3 days to read...so if you're looking for something quick, this is the book for you.

January 22, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I have to say, this book reminded me a little of myself. Now I'm not in debt by any means because of my shopping, but I can be a little obsessed with buy clothes like Rebecca is in the book. Rebecca Bloomwood can't seem to stop buy clothes, shoes, moisturizers...you name it, she wants it. She's getting hounded by the bank and credit card companies. Phone call after phone call from companies wanting her to pay off her credit card and her overdraft from the bank. Again, I've never had to deal with this myself, but I can imagine how easy it is to get there. I have a little bit more self control.

The ironic thing about Rebecca is that she works for a magazine that gives advice on money. How to spend it, what to spend it on, when people should invest, and so on. People call her a financial expert. Little do they know, she has her own big problems with money. She comes up with stories on how to avoid paying back money to the bank...her dog has died, she broke her leg, her aunt just died and left her some money, but the money isn't in yet. She tries looking for a second job, and puts on her resume that she speaks finnish. Well come to find out, there's a bank looking for someone who speaks finnish to join their company. The owner starts talking to her and Rebecca has no idea what to do, so she just runs. She also tries making frames for a company that sends them to you to be made, you send them back, and get a paycheck a couple weeks later. Only, she's really bad at making the frames...and I mean really bad.
If you enjoy clothes, shopping, or just a good laugh, you'll love this book. There's a bit of romance at the end for those of you that need a little love. I look forward to trying Sophie Kinsella's other books such as: Remember Me, Shopaholic and Baby, The Undomestic Goddess, Shopaholic and Sister, Can You Keep a Secret?, Shopaholic Ties the Knot, and Shopaholic Takes Manhatten.

I leave you with the preview of Confessions of a Shopaholic which comes out February 13th. I'm defintely going to go see it.

January 19, 2009

Marley and Me

Now seriously, how can you say No to that face. I just finished Marley and Me. What a great book. Mike and I had seen the movie few weeks ago before I ever read the book. I recommend both the book and the movie. But be prepared, because you will cry. There is no doubt about it. I had no idea what was going to happen. In the movie, all you see is funny scenes, so you think it's going to be all happy throughout the whole movie. Boy was I wrong...I cried for the last 30 minutes of the movie. And I even knew what was coming when I read the book, and I still cried! John Grogan does an amazing job of describing Marley and the things he does and gets into. Marley is an interesting dog. He is terrified of thunderstorms and has to be given tranquilizers before a storm hits or else he goes crazy. It's even worse when a storm hits without John and Jenny knowing while they're at work and come home to find the dry wall, yes the dry wall in the garage torn away from Marley chewing and scratching during the storm. Marley gets expelled from obedience training...how many dogs can claim that? Even through all the destruction, he is still Man's Best Friend.
I am quite the dog lover myself. My family has always had dogs growing up. George and Snowdrop were my pals growing up. George was put to sleep when I was in 5th grade and Snowdrop when I was in 7th. Then there was Muppet and Moose. Moose died in 2006 from seizures, and Muppet was just recently put to sleep. Now my parents have Mako and Mallie. And I've got Starr. I just love the way dogs are excited to see you. Now matter how many times you walk through that door. I love the way they play when they are puppies...even if there are 3 pairs of shoes chewed up, or bite marks on the dining table and chairs. (Not pointing any fingers Starr...) The uncoditional love they give you is worth it.
Like I said before I highly recommend reading the book, and watching the movie. There are some good laughs. I think my favorite line in the book is when the family moves to Pennsylvania and one of the sons is disappointed and crying because, "there's supposed to be pencils in Pennsylvania." There are even pictures of Marley and his family in the book.
For more information you can visit John Grogan's website. There you can read about his children's books he's written, read his blog, and even look at pictures of the real Marly. Or if you have any funny pet stories, you can post them there too. I'm leaving you with the movie trailer from Marley and Me. Get ready for some good laughs and shedding tears.

January 16, 2009

What would you do?

Shana let me borrow this book and let me tell you, I couldn't put it down. It's not what I had imagined, but it was so good. You could feel the emotions of each and every character. The book is about a close relationship between a father and daughter. Which touched an extra special place in my heart since I'm so close to my dad. Daniel Stone is a comic book artist, his wife Laura teaches college and is also sleeping with one of her students, their daughter Trixie is a freshman in high school, in love with her boyfriend Jason who is a junior. One night Jason decides to call it quits, which devastates Trixie and she turns to cutting herself. Her best friend has a little get together one night and they conspire ways of Trixie getting back together with Jason. She's supposed to make him jealous. Trixie starts drinking and flirting with everyone but Jason. Near the end of the party, everyone has left but Trixie, her best friend, Jason and Jason's best friend. Trixie ends up making a fool of herself and runs to the bathroom. Jason goes after her to make sure she's ok. Then you're thrown into a scene where Daniel finds Trixie in the bathroom, her clothes torn, make up running down her face, and crying. "He raped me" Trixie says, and it's all Daniel can do to not rip the head off the boy who's hurt his daughter so much. This book is mostly about Trixie's struggle with what she's told the police and her parents about the relationship between her and Jason. Daniel's struggle with the man he used to be, someone dangerous and based upon revenge, not someone a father should be, but he wants to protect his daughter from any harm. It really makes you think about what you would do if you ended up in the same position, whether you were Trixie, Laura, or even Daniel. Would you get revenge like Daniel wants to to protect your daughter knowing you could end up in jail?

January 14, 2009

And baby makes four...

Just found out today that my brother and sister-in-law are going to have a little boy!! Right now, the name they're agreeing on is Carson Lee Bryan. Now Megan isn't all about the Cody, Carson, Kaydence, hard C's, but I think it's growing on her. When I asked her what Kaydence thought, she said Kaydence just looked at her and said "No sister." My brother comes home from Iraq in about a month and then they can really start planning andd buying. It's a little weird to think that my 20 year old brother will have 2 kids, but I love my little bug so I know I'll love little Carson the same. Now I just have to think of a nickname for him too. Little Carson is due June 1st, so we'll see when he chooses to venture out into the world. I can't wait to meet him!

January 13, 2009

The Host

As many of you I'm sure have already read the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer. I recommend The Host. It is nothing like Twilight, but in a good way. I'll admit, I was so transfixed by vampires, and didn't think that Stephanie Meyer could possibly write about anything else. It took me a few chapters to get into it cause I kept waiting for vampires. After finally realizing there were no vampires, I started to enjoy the book. It's actually not that far fetched of an idea. The story like is this...there are these "worms"/"souls" that come from other planets. There are more than 10 planets they can come from. Some with only flowers, some with only bears, or bats. These "souls" come to earth because they were tired of all the danger and destruction. Fathers burning their children alive, people robbing banks and killing innocent people. They come to earth to make it a more peaceful place. Human bodies become their Host bodies. The bodies still look the same, but the souls have taken over. Melanie, one of the few remaining "wild" humans is wandering through the states with her brother trying not to get captured. On an outing trying to find food, she's captured and Wanderer, a soul, is put inside of her. But Melanie is not giving up her body and mind without a fight. She will not let Wanderer know where the remaining humans are, instead she fills Wanderer's thoughts with memories of Melanie's brother and of the man Melanie loves, Jared, another "wild" human. Melanie's uncle gave her directions or drawings of where he would go if the earth was ever in danger. Melanie and Wanderer travel through the desert and on the brink of death are found by her uncle and other humans living in the caverns. The group despises Melanie, but only because they know she's been taken over by a soul and no one knows Melanie is actually still inside. Her only saving grace is that she looks like Melanie which keeps her uncle from letting anyone kill her. Even Jared won't look at her without a look of murder. This book is about the struggle between letting Melanie make herself known, and if Wanderer should let the secret go on how to bring back humans for good. Does Jared finally accept Wanderer even though she's taken Melanie away? Do the other humans befriend Wanderer knowing what she is? Try reading it and tell me what you think!!

Here I am...

Well I did it. I've started a blog. I've been contemplating this for a while now, and just finally decided to do with the help of some friends to convince me. I know for sure one thing I'll talk about the most is books I've read and what I think of them. Hopefully what I say will either get people to read the books or stay away from them. I usually read at least one book a week if not two. Can you tell I'm unemployed? I may throw in some random blogs about I don't know what. So we'll see where this takes me...