May 19, 2010

I just keep on growing...

Well, I'm just about to hit the 25 week mark. Things are still going good. Not sleeping as much at night like I'd like to, but I'm used to it. I'm trying to come home from school right away at least 2 times a week so I can take a nap. Gives me a chance to relax and snuggle with Starr too. I'm usually able to elevate my legs every night for at least an hour. Baby Drew does a little moving and grooving every night starting at about 8 until I go to sleep around 10:30. I haven't been woken up by his kicking...yet...(knock on wood.) The doctor says I'm growing just fine. I've gained 18 pounds since I've found out I was pregnant. I don't feel like I've gained that much...must be belly and water...and quite possibly my boobs. I feel like they're ginormous. Drew's heartbeat was good and strong at the doctor and he was kicking back when the monitor was being pushed on my belly. I don't fell like I've grown that much, but then I look at pictures and realize my belly just keeps sticking farther and farther out. I've done my baby registering at Babies R Us!! That was fun! Now I'm on the search for nursery furniture. I'm being really picky about it, but I want it to be good furniture that's going to last and grow with Drew.

May 6, 2010

Baby Drew Update

Well I guess it's time for a baby update. I feel like I'm being used daily as a personal 3 ring circus. Thankfully it's not during times when I sleep. Drew seems to have the same schedule as me as of right now. No new weird cravings or dislikes. Same as always. In the past week and a half I've been able to not only feel him moving but watch my belly do little waves which I think is super neat to watch. Makes me want to watch my belly all the time.

Some complaints I have are that it's getting harder to sleep more comfortably. I wish I could detach my belly at night and then put it back on when I wake up. I've had sleep problems since college, so being uncomfortable doesn't make sleep any easier. I'm a belly sleeper and obviously I can't do that anymore until September. (Which I may celebrate come that time.) I also don't like that fact that every night when I lay down to start reading my book I get a burning sensation right at the bottom of my sternum and only goes away when I apply pressure. It gets really annoying to do every night.

I've noticed I'm getting winded and tired a lot easier. And I've now realized it's a bad idea to run. I ran back into school one day and paid for it the rest of the night. I'm getting more and more excited to see what Drew looks like. I can't wait to see him and then compare mine and Mike's baby pictures with Drew. I do hope Drew has Mike's eyes. Sometime in late July or early August I want to get 3D ultrasound pictures done.

I'm also very excited to start working on the nursery this summer. I do have my diaper bag. My step-mom bought it for me this past weekend. There's a store near my parent's house called Jenna Claire. You can design your own bags. I'm super excited to see mine in a few weeks. And I'll make sure to post pictures.