November 27, 2010

3 Months Old

Supporting my mommy's home state!

I can't believe the little man is already 3 months old. Time has absolutely flown by. We don't go to the doctor again till after Christmas to get more shots, but I may be making an appointment this week. Drew has been fighting his bottles for the last week and it's getting very frustrating. He may eat an ounce and then turn his head quickly which makes the bottle pop out. He'll cry and then suck on the bottle for dear life once it goes back in, turn his head again about 3 seconds later and cry and repeat the cycle. I have no idea what's going on. He was doing great on 5 ounces every 3 hours and then all of a sudden, he barely eats 4 and it's a struggle to get him to eat that four.

My stepmom and stepsister keep trying to tell me that I need to go longer between feedings and that he's not hungry every 3 hours. Well we've tried that. Even after he sleeps through the night, sometimes 10 hours, he still fights the bottle. So it's not that. We tried different formula yesterday and that hasn't helped either. My stepmom says he's probably teething. He is drooling a bit more, but not a lot, he blows a lot of bubbles, but he's not more fussy than normal. So I just don't know. He's also been having major diaper explosions. For 4 days in a row he has exploded out of his diaper. I mean up the back and everything.

If you have any advice on what to do to help ease the frustration of Mike and I and/or help Drew not fight his bottle, it would be greatly appreciated.

November 23, 2010

His smile makes me melt...

This little man right here just makes me smile every time he looks at me with those big blue eyes!!

November 21, 2010


Well, we've had major success two nights in a row. Friday night Drew slept from 9-7:30. And he wasn't really crying when he woke up at 7:30 either. Just talking to himself. He did the same thing last night, but slept till 8:00. Mike said when he went into get him, he had rolled over onto his back and was just looking around. Drew is also "talking" a lot more as well. He's such a good little baby. He's moved on to eating 5 oz at each bottle. I also can't believe how long he is. He could more than likely wear 6 month clothes for length because those start at 24", he just wouldn't fill them out all the way.

November 4, 2010

2 Month Check-up

11 lbs. 4 oz (50th)
23 and a 1/2 in. (75th)

Drew went to the doctor on Tuesday and is doing great! We did get a little scolding because we put Drew to sleep on his belly. I know the back is best, but 25 years ago doctors were telling patients that belly is best. Oh well.

He's doing a really good job eating. He eats about 4 oz. every 3-4 hours. I get told every day by the babysitter that he's doing a good job. All the other kids there love baby Drew. The one little girl Sarah is mesmerized by him. In fact today when her mom walked into the door and bent down so Sarah could give her a hug, Sarah ran to baby Drew instead.

Drew smiles a lot after eating and seems to enjoy bath time. He likes to stare at the giraffe on his swing, and play on the floor on his mat. We're still waiting for that magical night when he sleeps through the night. Well I take that back, we're still waiting for the magical time when he does this on a consistent basis. He's slept through the night a few times, but it only happens about once a week. And for some reason, the nights he chooses to sleep through the night always happen to be Mike's night. Little Booger.

November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Well little man had his first Halloween and if I do say so myself, he looked pretty darn cute!

We go to the doctor tomorrow for our 2 month check up so we'll see what the new stats are. He's smiling and "talking" a lot more. He's still not sleeping through the night yet, but has had a few 7 hour stretches. Mommy and Daddy are very ready for little Drew to sleep through the night. I feel like I'm creating a Groundhog Day effect with him because for the past week we've done the same thing every night. Bath, bottle, the same book, and then bed. Here's to hoping for restful nights soon enough.