December 26, 2010

This new mommy needs help.

So I have a question for all you moms out there. Drew will be 4 months old tomorrow and I had thought about starting rice cereal this week since I'll be home the rest of the week from school. Is this too young? We were going to stick with rice cereal for about 3-4 weeks and then introduce baby food around the end of January. He was doing really well sleeping through the night about 3 weeks ago, and ten all of a sudden, the last 3 weeks he's been getting up 1-2 times a night. We don't have to feed him or anything, we are able to just walk in and put the paci back in his mouth and usually he falls back asleep. Sometimes we have to go in a 2nd time about 5 minutes later, but then he falls asleep. I thought it might have been teething, but I've tried orajel before bedtime and also tylenol and he still wakes up. So maybe it's not being quite full enough? Anyway, let me know what you think about starting the cereal this week!! This new mommy needs some answers!

December 16, 2010

Family Pictures

We got our family pictures done and I have to say, they turned out really well. We only got these two done, but I love them!

Our perfect little present!

The first family picture!

November 27, 2010

3 Months Old

Supporting my mommy's home state!

I can't believe the little man is already 3 months old. Time has absolutely flown by. We don't go to the doctor again till after Christmas to get more shots, but I may be making an appointment this week. Drew has been fighting his bottles for the last week and it's getting very frustrating. He may eat an ounce and then turn his head quickly which makes the bottle pop out. He'll cry and then suck on the bottle for dear life once it goes back in, turn his head again about 3 seconds later and cry and repeat the cycle. I have no idea what's going on. He was doing great on 5 ounces every 3 hours and then all of a sudden, he barely eats 4 and it's a struggle to get him to eat that four.

My stepmom and stepsister keep trying to tell me that I need to go longer between feedings and that he's not hungry every 3 hours. Well we've tried that. Even after he sleeps through the night, sometimes 10 hours, he still fights the bottle. So it's not that. We tried different formula yesterday and that hasn't helped either. My stepmom says he's probably teething. He is drooling a bit more, but not a lot, he blows a lot of bubbles, but he's not more fussy than normal. So I just don't know. He's also been having major diaper explosions. For 4 days in a row he has exploded out of his diaper. I mean up the back and everything.

If you have any advice on what to do to help ease the frustration of Mike and I and/or help Drew not fight his bottle, it would be greatly appreciated.

November 23, 2010

His smile makes me melt...

This little man right here just makes me smile every time he looks at me with those big blue eyes!!

November 21, 2010


Well, we've had major success two nights in a row. Friday night Drew slept from 9-7:30. And he wasn't really crying when he woke up at 7:30 either. Just talking to himself. He did the same thing last night, but slept till 8:00. Mike said when he went into get him, he had rolled over onto his back and was just looking around. Drew is also "talking" a lot more as well. He's such a good little baby. He's moved on to eating 5 oz at each bottle. I also can't believe how long he is. He could more than likely wear 6 month clothes for length because those start at 24", he just wouldn't fill them out all the way.

November 4, 2010

2 Month Check-up

11 lbs. 4 oz (50th)
23 and a 1/2 in. (75th)

Drew went to the doctor on Tuesday and is doing great! We did get a little scolding because we put Drew to sleep on his belly. I know the back is best, but 25 years ago doctors were telling patients that belly is best. Oh well.

He's doing a really good job eating. He eats about 4 oz. every 3-4 hours. I get told every day by the babysitter that he's doing a good job. All the other kids there love baby Drew. The one little girl Sarah is mesmerized by him. In fact today when her mom walked into the door and bent down so Sarah could give her a hug, Sarah ran to baby Drew instead.

Drew smiles a lot after eating and seems to enjoy bath time. He likes to stare at the giraffe on his swing, and play on the floor on his mat. We're still waiting for that magical night when he sleeps through the night. Well I take that back, we're still waiting for the magical time when he does this on a consistent basis. He's slept through the night a few times, but it only happens about once a week. And for some reason, the nights he chooses to sleep through the night always happen to be Mike's night. Little Booger.

November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Well little man had his first Halloween and if I do say so myself, he looked pretty darn cute!

We go to the doctor tomorrow for our 2 month check up so we'll see what the new stats are. He's smiling and "talking" a lot more. He's still not sleeping through the night yet, but has had a few 7 hour stretches. Mommy and Daddy are very ready for little Drew to sleep through the night. I feel like I'm creating a Groundhog Day effect with him because for the past week we've done the same thing every night. Bath, bottle, the same book, and then bed. Here's to hoping for restful nights soon enough.

October 28, 2010


We have had success!! Little Drew slept through the night last night! And I also slept 7 straight hours. I honestly can't tell you the last time I slept that long. Maybe in college. I was simply exhausted yesterday from my 2nd day back at work and also working a 10 and a 1/2 hour day with parent/teacher conferences. I just thought that I was so exhausted that I didn't hear him wake up (it was Mike's night), but then Mike heard him crying at 6 this morning and got up and told me he slept through the night. Here's to hoping for more non-interrupted nights.

October 23, 2010

Daddy's Little Speedster

We set Andrew in Mike's car the other day and he looks like he's wondering why we haven't given him the keys yet.

October 21, 2010

The Big Boy Bed

Well we've transitioned into the big boy bed. Drew's room is not very far from ours. We started out doing a couple naps a day in the crib to get him used to the smell and his surroundings. He did great at the naps. So we put him in his room at night time and he seems to be doing well with that too. He gets up every 3-4 hours like he normally does to eat. And then I can lay him back down and he usually makes a small whimper but then falls right back asleep. And yes, I know what you're thinking..."a belly sleeper!" Andrew does great on his belly. He sleeps longer and just seems more peaceful.

We've had a couple of good nights in the last couple weeks. A few nights ago he slept from 9:30-3:45, then woke up again at 8. And last night he slept from 10:45-2:15, then 2:45-7. I feel like I say this all the time, but I think we're working our way to a full nights sleep. It would be nice to start getting the full nights sleep soon since I'll be heading back to work next week.

Speaking of work...I'm pretty excited to go back so I can have my adult interaction again. And I love my job and I'm excited to actually get to know the kids. I was only with them for two weeks at the beginning of the year. I know they're ready for me to come back too. Andrew has been to the babysitter's twice for transition days and has done great.

October 11, 2010

My Little Smily Man

I love this little guy so much! Even through all the middle of the night feedings which cause mommy to go a little crazy sometimes because of lack of sleep. I know it's been 6 weeks, but I think I'm finally learning some things about him like how he doesn't really take all of his lunch time bottle...and that's ok. It's taken me a couple days to be ok with that. It doesn't change the length of his nap. He does great at night time feedings, pretty much sucking the bottle dry and then laying right back down to sleep without a peep. He's staying awake a little longer after feedings, but then I also know when he's tired.

I've been thinking about moving him to his room before I go back to school, but I don't think Mike is a big fan of that. I've got 2 and a half weeks before I go back and thought it would be a good time to attempt it. I don't think it'll be too hard, but I know it'll be different for him being a new place with a new smell. What is everyone's thoughts? When did you move your little ones into their cribs?

September 25, 2010

4 weeks old

Not happy with mommy.

Wide awake.

It's hard to believe little Drew is already 4 weeks old. There have been lots of changes and learning in the Thomas household. We're still working on being able to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. He's eating just shy of 4 ounces with each bottle. Sometimes he sucks the bottle dry and other times there are a few drops left. Mike and I both love when we pick him up to snuggle with him, and he stinks his little booty out to stretch. He's usually awake after each bottle for just about an hour and then they crying begins because he's tired. He's a pretty good baby. Only really cries when he needs his diaper changed, is hungry, or tired. Otherwise he likes to look around at things and listen to music with mommy and daddy.

September 13, 2010

A change

Well I've decided to change the name of my blog since our new arrival has made his appearance. The web address will stay the same though. I'll hopefully be posting lots of stories about little Andrew in the future.

September 9, 2010

2 weeks old

In two weeks, Mike and I have learned many things about our little man. Things he likes, and doesn't. He loves the vacuum seems to calm him. He does not like his diaper changed or getting dressed. He loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy. He loves music and dancing with mommy. He also loves making faces.

Things have been going pretty well in the Thomas household. I'm just extremely tired. I'm sure Mike is tired too, but he deals with sleep deprivation much better than I do. I'm trying to not get stressed out and set a routine yet since Drew is only 2 weeks old. It's hard to let that go. I've been reading Baby Wise and at least trying to do the eat, play, sleep routine. If anyone has any advice about getting little Andrew on a schedule and eventually sleeping through the night, all ideas are appreciated!! Needless to say, this little guy has stolen my heart!

August 31, 2010

Andrew Bryan Thomas

Well, he's here!! The little man has made his debut into our family. Early Friday morning around 3:30, I woke up to go to the bathroom and thought my water had broke. During the day on Thursday I had felt a little different and was feeling some weird contractions, but nothing too consistent or close together. Well my doctor said to come on in to the hospital and we would check things out. By the time Mike and I got things together and the dogs taken care of, I could feel the contractions again, and they were about 5 minutes apart. Not terribly painful, but not pleasant either. We got to the hospital, were admitted by the nurses, all the while the contractions are getting more painful. It's about 4:30am at this point. Nurse checks me and says I'm about 3cm dialated. And the contractions just keep getting stronger. I'm moved into another room and my doctor comes at about 6:00 and says I'm 5cm. Drew's heart looks good, says she'll be back around 8. She comes back around 8 and by then I'm 7cm. Moving right along and by this point I've had unbearable minute apart contractions, so they give me an epidural. Which wasn't that bad and felt wonderful afterwards. The doc comes back around 10 and tells me I'm already 9cm. She notices Drew's heart rate slowing down each time a contraction comes. They move me in different positions for about 15 minutes and nothing changes. Doc says sometimes this happens because the baby is caught by their embellical cord. Could have been wrapped around anything. She suggests we do a c-section because she's not sure anything would change in the next hour and having Andrew's heart rate slow down is not good. I almost started crying, but knew we had to do what was best. The scariest part was when all of a sudden it felt like 15 different people came in all at once to prepare me. I was given more medicines, had an air mask on, cap on my head, had to get my jewelry off very quick, etc. They wheeled me out of the room, strapped me down and then let Mike in. I couldn't see anything, couldn't feel anything, oh but I could hear what was going on. As soon as I heard that sweet cry, I was overcome with feelings. I know that Mike went and cut the cord and watched them pull Drew out of me. And then got to spend the first couple hours with him because I was in recovery for the first hour and then pretty out of it till about dinner time.

The c-sections was not planned for at all, but Drew is now safe in our arms. I wasn't able to do much of anything in the hospital because of the recovery process of a c-section. I can't pull myself out of bed, can't really bend over, can't carry or hold anything more than 10 pounds, and lots of other things. My husband has done an absolute wonderful job through all of this. He worked his butt off at the hospital. Changed every diaper, brought him to me or to anyone else that wanted to hold him, and helped me in the bathroom and taking my showers. Words can't explain how amazing he is.

We're now home and adjusting to life as a family of three (five if you count the dogs.) He's still doing a lot of the work and helping me around the house. Many, many pictures of our new adventure together will be posted in the future!

August 23, 2010

Very soon...

Dear baby Drew,
Daddy and I would like to meet you very soon. And I know the rest of your family would too. Please show your sweet little face so we can cover you in hugs and kisses!!
Love, Mommy

August 18, 2010

38 weeks

Well, I've officially got 2 weeks left unless baby Drew decides to come earlier. I honestly don't think I'll make it to the 31st. Mike says I've dropped. I do feel like Drew is lower. And it is just getting harder to walk. I'm trying to not walk as much at school, but that's pretty much impossible being a teacher. Mike and I are both extremely excited to meet our little man. We're still both in amazement at how he moves in my belly and the different shapes my belly can take. We've gotten most of the big things we need right now and this weekend I'm going to go shopping and get a few more things off our registry that I think we need.


July 27, 2010

35 Weeks and a Completed Nursery

Well, here I am at just shy of 35 weeks. I look at myself and wonder what I looked like before I was pregnant. I'm getting more excited, but some nerves are kicking in too. I'm most excited to meet him obviously, but I can't wait to see what he looks like too. I think I'm most nervous about the affect lack of sleep with have on both Mike and I. I know I can get mean and cranky when I'm running low on sleep. I'm worried that Mike and I are going to argue a lot. I want to breastfeed solely for about 3-4 weeks and then because of work start introducing a bottle a week at about 4 weeks. But I've also told myself that if breastfeeding becomes too much and I can't handle the stress or arguing with Mike, then I will stop. I want Mike and I to be a strong team and that won't happen if we're constantly at each other's throats. That's probably my biggest fear so far.

And....TA DA!!! The nursery is done!!

The crib and wall art monogram.

Book and Toy shelf with my lion lamp I had when I was little.

Crib Bedding.

Curtain, my old toy chest, pillow, and Mike's UK diaper bag.

Dresser and Hutch Unit.

I am so glad the nursery is done and I can check this off my list of things to do!! Make everything seem a bit more real to walk into the room and know it'll be occupied soon enough!

July 26, 2010

2 Years Today

Two years ago today I married my one and only. I know some people don't understand us, but I know I wouldn't have fit better with anyone else. (And I don't think he would have found someone to put up with his video game yelling like I do.) We're about to embark on the most important chapter of our lives as parents, and I think we'll make a great team!

July 11, 2010

Another picture update

I know it's only been a week since the last post, but I thought you'd enjoy another picture. Plus, I love my comfy dress and had to have a picture of it. Got it at Walmart for $7!!! My friends Jennifer and Ashley have the same one.

July 5, 2010

About 2 more months to go...

Well here I am at a little over 31 weeks. We've got about 2 months to go. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I will say I'm ready for baby Drew to be here, if for nothing else but to be comfortable again. This whole being pregnant in the summer thing stinks!! If we decide to get pregnant again, the baby is going to be due in like December. Baby Drew has upped his hiccuping to about 4 times a day and loves to get all his wiggles out right before bedtime. My biggest issue just like every other post is sleep. I've got about 3 different pillows I now sleep with propping something up on my body and every time I need to move I have to reorganize the pillows. And when there's myself, my husband, and two dogs in the bed...not always an easy task.

Drew's room is done being painted. I've ordered the furniture and waiting for it to arrive. I've also bought some blank canvas boards to paint for his room. Still looking up ideas for those. Everything is turning out exactly how I imagined it. My 1st baby shower is less than 2 weeks away and I'm so excited to see everyone!! I really hope the furniture is here before the shower so I can show off the nursery. I'm really proud of the work that Jennifer and I put into it. Once it's fully completed with furniture and everything, I'll be sure to post pictures!!

June 20, 2010

27 Weeks and 29 Weeks

Here I am at 27 weeks and 29 weeks. The pregnancy is going well. The only thing I will continue to complain about is sleep. I have gotten to where I have 3 more pillows in bed with me than I normally do and it's really annoying to rearrange them every time I get up to go to the bathroom (which is usually twice a night.) With the summer heat and humidity on the rise, it can be very hard to breathe when I'm outside, and I get hot very easily. I can tell you that there will be no more long car rides. If the trip is longer than 3 hours, I'm out. I can't stretch out in a car the way I want to and it's extremely uncomfortable and then I'm just not a pleasant person to be around.

I'm still not eating chicken. I've tried to eat it a few times, but it just doesn't work out. Other than that, I'll eat and try just about anything. I can't believe I'm almost 6 and a half months already. The time has flown by. I know it'll only come quicker and quicker too. I'll be starting on Drew's room hopefully this week. I've got the bedding and curtain. Withing the next couple weeks, we'll be buying the furniture. I'm so excited to see how his room turns out.

I know I'm ready to meet this little guy inside me and have him meet the rest of the family who I know are also excited to meet him. I just recently found out that my doctor is moving at the end of August so I hope Drew decides to make an appearance before them and also because my brother will be home for his 2 weeks of vacation from Iraq around that time as well. And then hopefully my dad will get to come home sometime in September or October from Afghanistan to meet his new grandson.

Along with all this pregnancy stuff I'll also be getting my classroom ready. Thankfully I have some great friends who I know are willing to help out. I'm super excited for all the changes coming in the next 3 months!!

May 19, 2010

I just keep on growing...

Well, I'm just about to hit the 25 week mark. Things are still going good. Not sleeping as much at night like I'd like to, but I'm used to it. I'm trying to come home from school right away at least 2 times a week so I can take a nap. Gives me a chance to relax and snuggle with Starr too. I'm usually able to elevate my legs every night for at least an hour. Baby Drew does a little moving and grooving every night starting at about 8 until I go to sleep around 10:30. I haven't been woken up by his kicking...yet...(knock on wood.) The doctor says I'm growing just fine. I've gained 18 pounds since I've found out I was pregnant. I don't feel like I've gained that much...must be belly and water...and quite possibly my boobs. I feel like they're ginormous. Drew's heartbeat was good and strong at the doctor and he was kicking back when the monitor was being pushed on my belly. I don't fell like I've grown that much, but then I look at pictures and realize my belly just keeps sticking farther and farther out. I've done my baby registering at Babies R Us!! That was fun! Now I'm on the search for nursery furniture. I'm being really picky about it, but I want it to be good furniture that's going to last and grow with Drew.

May 6, 2010

Baby Drew Update

Well I guess it's time for a baby update. I feel like I'm being used daily as a personal 3 ring circus. Thankfully it's not during times when I sleep. Drew seems to have the same schedule as me as of right now. No new weird cravings or dislikes. Same as always. In the past week and a half I've been able to not only feel him moving but watch my belly do little waves which I think is super neat to watch. Makes me want to watch my belly all the time.

Some complaints I have are that it's getting harder to sleep more comfortably. I wish I could detach my belly at night and then put it back on when I wake up. I've had sleep problems since college, so being uncomfortable doesn't make sleep any easier. I'm a belly sleeper and obviously I can't do that anymore until September. (Which I may celebrate come that time.) I also don't like that fact that every night when I lay down to start reading my book I get a burning sensation right at the bottom of my sternum and only goes away when I apply pressure. It gets really annoying to do every night.

I've noticed I'm getting winded and tired a lot easier. And I've now realized it's a bad idea to run. I ran back into school one day and paid for it the rest of the night. I'm getting more and more excited to see what Drew looks like. I can't wait to see him and then compare mine and Mike's baby pictures with Drew. I do hope Drew has Mike's eyes. Sometime in late July or early August I want to get 3D ultrasound pictures done.

I'm also very excited to start working on the nursery this summer. I do have my diaper bag. My step-mom bought it for me this past weekend. There's a store near my parent's house called Jenna Claire. You can design your own bags. I'm super excited to see mine in a few weeks. And I'll make sure to post pictures.

April 16, 2010

It's a boy!!

Now while I have to admit I was a little bummed about my baby not being a girl...the more I've thought about it, I think I'm going to love having a little boy. Mike is super pumped about it. Which I think will make this pregnancy easier for the both of his cause I'll be able to see him excited and get into the baby stuff a little more.

I loved going to the ultra sound and seeing our little man. And let me tell you, he enjoyed this little bit of mountain dew I drank before hand, but did not enjoy the fact that someone kept pushing on his home. What a weird yet amazing sensation to feel something push and move around inside of you. We're going to name him Andrew Bryan Thomas. We'll call him Drew. Andrew was Mike's great grandpa's name and Bryan was my maiden name.

Now it's time to start actually planning and buying the essentials. I think I've found the car seat/stroller set I want. It's gray and lime green. There's also a matching play pen/bassinet to go with it. And I've been thinking about room color theme and a fellow teacher gave me a great idea so now I just need to find the perfect crib bedding to match that idea. Can't wait!! Not only do I get to plan which I love to do, I get to create a check list and check things off as we go, but I also get to go shopping!! Be low are some pictures from the ultra sound.

Proof that there is indeed a boy inside me.

A side view of our little man and his Buddha Belly.

April 8, 2010

19 Weeks

Here I am at 19 weeks. Still doing good. I don't feel like I'm getting any bigger. But I've been told that some people don't really pop out till 6 or 7 months. Still extremely tired all the time. And I've been trying to wait as long as possible to stop sleeping on my stomach and I think that time has finally come. It's getting really uncomfortable which makes it hard to fall asleep cause I'm a big stomach sleeper. I've noticed that I'm snacking a little more. I think I've felt the baby kick, but if its it, it doesn't feel like much, just a little poke. I can't wait for the day when I can have Mike put his hand on my belly so he can feel it. We find out next Thursday if it's a boy or girl. And then we can start decorating the room and buy things. We've only bought 2 outfits so far. A UK onesie and a onesie from Disney World. Everything keeps getting more real by the minute!!

March 14, 2010

15 weeks and growing

Here's me at 15 weeks with my little baby bump. Baby Thomas and Mommy are doing great! I just want to sleep, sleep, and sleep. Baby T is wearing me out every day.

February 27, 2010

Update on Baby Thomas

Well I thought I would give an update on the pregnancy. I've been doing really well. Coming up on my 14th week. No sickness at all which is great! I've had a few moments of getting hot and dizzy without any warning and I have to sit down before I get sick. But it usually passes within minutes. About the only regular pants I can fit into are my jeans, but even then I have to do the pony tail holder trick. My friend Jennifer has so graciously let me borrow all her maternity clothes which have been a blessing. I want to start showing a little more so that it looks like I'm pregnant.

The only problem I've been having is not being able to sleep. I can usually fall asleep pretty easily, but I can't stay asleep. I get up at least every 2 hours to go to the bathroom. I've tried not drinking anything after 7 pm and even that does no good. I know it's just preparing me for what is yet to come, but I would give anything to even sleep a full 4 hours. I still have at least one major mood swing a week, which I don't think is too horrible. And right now I want nothing to do with meat! It grosses me out! About the only meat I'm ok with is hamburger. No chicken, no turkey, blah!! I want fruits, vegetables, salad, and pasta.

My biggest thing right now is I want to know the sex of the baby really bad. I feel like once I know the sex, it'll be real. We can really start planning things and changing the guest bedroom into a nursery. I can start buying cute outfits and getting excited about names. Hopefully we can find out before April 2nd because we're going to FL for spring break and taking a trip to Disney World and I really want to buy an outfit while we're there. I also want to feel the baby kick. And then run to Mike so he can feel it too. I'm so excited to share this moment with him.

February 14, 2010

Little Thomas on the Way

Well it's now facebook official, so I thought I'd make it official to the blogging world. Mike and I are expecting our first bundle of joy. It's been a great pregnancy so far. I've never gotten sick. There have been days where I don't feel 100%, but they are very far and few in between. Other than a few mood swings (which my husband greatly appreciates) everything else has been great. Our due date right now is September 3rd. So it's going to be one long and hot summer spent by the pool. I'm coming up on my 12th week.

Here's the little blueberry at 7 weeks.

Good strong heartbeat!!