September 25, 2010

4 weeks old

Not happy with mommy.

Wide awake.

It's hard to believe little Drew is already 4 weeks old. There have been lots of changes and learning in the Thomas household. We're still working on being able to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. He's eating just shy of 4 ounces with each bottle. Sometimes he sucks the bottle dry and other times there are a few drops left. Mike and I both love when we pick him up to snuggle with him, and he stinks his little booty out to stretch. He's usually awake after each bottle for just about an hour and then they crying begins because he's tired. He's a pretty good baby. Only really cries when he needs his diaper changed, is hungry, or tired. Otherwise he likes to look around at things and listen to music with mommy and daddy.

September 13, 2010

A change

Well I've decided to change the name of my blog since our new arrival has made his appearance. The web address will stay the same though. I'll hopefully be posting lots of stories about little Andrew in the future.

September 9, 2010

2 weeks old

In two weeks, Mike and I have learned many things about our little man. Things he likes, and doesn't. He loves the vacuum seems to calm him. He does not like his diaper changed or getting dressed. He loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy. He loves music and dancing with mommy. He also loves making faces.

Things have been going pretty well in the Thomas household. I'm just extremely tired. I'm sure Mike is tired too, but he deals with sleep deprivation much better than I do. I'm trying to not get stressed out and set a routine yet since Drew is only 2 weeks old. It's hard to let that go. I've been reading Baby Wise and at least trying to do the eat, play, sleep routine. If anyone has any advice about getting little Andrew on a schedule and eventually sleeping through the night, all ideas are appreciated!! Needless to say, this little guy has stolen my heart!