February 27, 2010

Update on Baby Thomas

Well I thought I would give an update on the pregnancy. I've been doing really well. Coming up on my 14th week. No sickness at all which is great! I've had a few moments of getting hot and dizzy without any warning and I have to sit down before I get sick. But it usually passes within minutes. About the only regular pants I can fit into are my jeans, but even then I have to do the pony tail holder trick. My friend Jennifer has so graciously let me borrow all her maternity clothes which have been a blessing. I want to start showing a little more so that it looks like I'm pregnant.

The only problem I've been having is not being able to sleep. I can usually fall asleep pretty easily, but I can't stay asleep. I get up at least every 2 hours to go to the bathroom. I've tried not drinking anything after 7 pm and even that does no good. I know it's just preparing me for what is yet to come, but I would give anything to even sleep a full 4 hours. I still have at least one major mood swing a week, which I don't think is too horrible. And right now I want nothing to do with meat! It grosses me out! About the only meat I'm ok with is hamburger. No chicken, no turkey, blah!! I want fruits, vegetables, salad, and pasta.

My biggest thing right now is I want to know the sex of the baby really bad. I feel like once I know the sex, it'll be real. We can really start planning things and changing the guest bedroom into a nursery. I can start buying cute outfits and getting excited about names. Hopefully we can find out before April 2nd because we're going to FL for spring break and taking a trip to Disney World and I really want to buy an outfit while we're there. I also want to feel the baby kick. And then run to Mike so he can feel it too. I'm so excited to share this moment with him.

February 14, 2010

Little Thomas on the Way

Well it's now facebook official, so I thought I'd make it official to the blogging world. Mike and I are expecting our first bundle of joy. It's been a great pregnancy so far. I've never gotten sick. There have been days where I don't feel 100%, but they are very far and few in between. Other than a few mood swings (which my husband greatly appreciates) everything else has been great. Our due date right now is September 3rd. So it's going to be one long and hot summer spent by the pool. I'm coming up on my 12th week.

Here's the little blueberry at 7 weeks.

Good strong heartbeat!!