April 2, 2011

7 Months

Can you believe my little guy is 7 months old already? He's learning and growing so much every day. We're "talking" more with la, la, la's, and ba, ba, ba's. He continues to love to stand up. He can now get into the crawling position by himself, start rocking, and then he goes belly flat. I have a feeling he may really start crawling this week. And I bet it'll be on one of the days that both Mike and I will be on our little vacation. We've been using a sippy cup at dinner and it's still going so so. He definitely prefers a bottle. He's doing really well with his rice rusk crackers. Drew has to go back to the doctor this week to get a weight check. I hope he's gained what he's supposed to, otherwise I'm not sure what the doctor will want to do.