July 19, 2011

10 months

Weight: 18 lbs. 2oz

Well, I'm late again posting his monthly update. Oh well better late than never. Drew and I have had a fun and interesting summer. We've learned a lot about each other and I've leaned things about myself. One big thing I've learned is that I am not stay at home mom material. I hate to say this but it's true. I've enjoyed being at home with Drew for the summer, but I've very thankful I have a job to go to everyday and an amazing babysitter who takes care of my sweet boy. Maybe it's just tough this summer. I think next summer will be easier. With Drew taking two naps a day still it limits the times we can do things and his naps are the complete opposite of our friend's naps.

Drew is walking everywhere. It was amazing to see him so wobbly at first and within a few days he was off on the go. He knows that he can still get some places faster by crawling, but for the most part, he walks everywhere. He is still quite the lover and loves to hug us and the puppies. His new thing now is to walk backwards to where ever I'm sitting and sit on my lap even if only for a few seconds. I love hearing his little laugh when we play or when the dogs do something he thinks is funny (like sneezing.)

Weight wise, we're still in the 5th percentile, but at least he's gaining weight each month. We've taken out baby food for breakfast and have yogurt with a waffle, banana, or cheerios. Lunch is still baby food, and for dinner he usually eats macaroni and cheese, with a vegetable. He wants to eat all his vegetables first before anything else. And I question if he's truly my kid every night because the kid LOVES peas. He would probably eat peas all day if I let him. But he'll also eat carrots, and green beans too. We've tried tomatoes a few times and it's touch a go. Sometimes he'll chew and swallow the tomato and other times he'll chew it then spit it out. I've tried pizza and spaghetti and those aren't winners yet. Both of those are tomato based so maybe he really doesn't like tomatoes. Mike gave him a little bit of meat from our spaghetti sauce and that didn't go over to well either. We'll get there though.

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